Plight of Flight MH370 (Comment 1, March 11, 2014)


We are anxious about the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines MH370, and our thoughts and hearts are with the family members of the passengers and crew, Muslims and non-Muslims and of any nationality, in that ill-fated flight.

We hope that all the people on board that plane are safe somehow, somewhere. Yes, must hope for the best…even the initials of the flight, MH, are urging you to do so: Must Hope.

We are happy that international experts are helping in the search of the missing plane, and proud that our own nation, Singapore, is helping out in this hour of need and sorrow of the even-more anxious families, relatives and friends of those in the plane.

We also hope and pray that, as countless natural and human-initiated mishaps are happening around the globe resulting in deaths and ruination of infrastructure, all people in the world would put aside racial and religious differences and hatred and come together and involve more in the upliftment of humanity.

We shall continue hoping and doing our prayers for something good to turn up with regard to MH370, and, at the same time, urge all people to hope, pray and act towards the advancement of world peace, harmony and togetherness.

Shaik Kadir

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