Plight of Flight MH370 (Comment 2, March 23, 2014)


It is sad that right up to today (23 March) – already 16 days – nothing is known of the fate of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing on 8 March.

The jetliner, carrying almost 240 people, was heading to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur when it disappeared.

Malaysians as well as 26 nations, including our own country, Singapore, are helping in searching for the missing plane. International experts are combing all possible areas to look out for signs of a crash or forced landing anywhere – on land or in the deep seas.

There have been many speculations both official and unofficial, even sickly jokes.

How would we feel if our parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends are in that plane. We too would feel just as sad and loaded with anxiety as those affected and waiting for news. They are putting hope against hope and praying intensely to see those in the plane are safe. We, too, hope and pray.

It is certainly unthinkable that in this modern era, experts with sophisticated search equipment could not find any trace of the missing plane for more than two weeks now. It is simply intriguing. It just shows that however advance we are, our knowledge is still limited. We are nothing – our knowledge is minuscule. This certainly brings us to the remembrance of Allah – only He knows everything. But we do our best with great hope.

Reports of Chinese and French satellites sighting a large object floating in the Indian Ocean 2,500 km from Perth yesterday hopefully would help to end this aviation mystery.

Let us hope that something concrete comes up. Not only those directly affected are eagerly waiting for the discovery of the plane but all others in the world are similarly anxious.

While the search is going on, let us ordinary people do our part in carrying on with our prayers for MH370.

Shaik Kadir

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