(2b) Recipe my dear wife taught me

Recipe my dear wife taught me



I seldom eat oatmeal. But recently, my wife, Khairon, encouraged me to take oats regularly, saying it is good for health as she has read about it. So, I decided to take oatmeal, and requested my wife to teach me how to prepare it.

There are many benefits for eating oats. One of the most important one is that eating oatmeal can lower your cholesterol, especially your LDL or “bad” cholesterol. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, consider adding oatmeal to your menu very regularly, better still every other day and even every day. Health-care institutions place oatmeal as one of the top five foods that can lower your cholesterol.

A week ago, my wife taught me step by step how to prepare it. Here are the steps for one person’s serving:
• Pour two mugs of water in a pot
(One mug if you like it thick)
• Add three tablespoon of oats
• Add one or half tablespoon of sugar
• Add one teaspoon of honey
• Add half mug of milk
• Add a pinch of cinnamon
• Boil the mixture and stir well for 4-5 minutes.

Serve it in a flat bowl with some raisins sprinkled on the cooked oatmeal.

(If you like, sprinkle a table-spoon of chilli-powder or or 2 or 3 sliced chilli-padi over the bowl of oatmeal. Eh! Can put chilli, meh? Joking lah! Definitely cannot lah!)

But as a flavour booster, you can sprinkle over the cooked oatmeal not only raisins but also crushed/chopped nuts like cashew nut, hazel nut, walnut or almonds and thinly sliced/chopped fruit like apple, oranges, dried apricots, bananas or dates.)

It’s simply heavenly. Try it, and enjoy.

Shaik Kadir


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