Plight of Flight MH370 (Comment 6, April 12, 2014)


The heading of this comment is the concluding line of a Malaysian song, entitled “Come back MH370”, a song with beautiful lyrics, composed and dedicated to all the people on board the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 that disappeared more than a month ago, attracting world attention.

The plane, headed for Beijing from Kuala-Lumpur, was carrying 239 people, passengers and crew, when it vanished without a trace on 8 March 2014.

Till today, 35th day of the plane’s disappearance, nothing has been found yet – of the plane’s wreckage or its black-box.

Reports from satellite images showed that the Malaysian carrier was at the southern part of the Indian Ocean, some 2,500 km west of Perth, a location far away from the aircraft’s normal Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route.

A mystery unprecedented in aviation history, the disappearance of MH370 has given rise to numerous theories, from Iranian terrorism, pilot suicide act to foreign intelligence conspiracy. But, Muslims would say “Only God knows” and carry on with search efforts and prayers for MH370.

Malaysia is doing its best in this missing aircraft episode. Malaysian radio and television have daily broadcast and telecast of Flight MH370 with reports, discussions, interviews and prayers. Mosques conduct doa (special prayers) for the lost plane with hope of its return.

The latest Malaysian remembrance of the plane is the song, “Come back MH370”, which is even widely heard among the Malay community in Perth. It’s a prayer song, full of hope of the plane’s safe return.

Although Malaysia does not have adequate expertise in this search effort, many of the other nations involved in the search, including China, do have. Aviation experts with sophisticated search equipment are all doing their best to find any trace of the ill-fated aircraft. Nearly 30 nations are helping in the search of the missing Malaysian carrier. There is immense collaboration and co-oporation among these concerned countries in their relentless search effort.

The Quran says: “When you have made your efforts, put your trust in God, for God loves those who put their trust in Him.” (3:159)

Our own country, Singapore, too is greatly involved in this humanitarian effort. As Singaporeans, our hope and prayers for MH370 continue.

Shaik Kadir

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