(1) Adam’s Day: “My name is Adam.”

My infant life (Part 1): “My name is Adam.”


My name is Adam – Adam Rayan Dula.

It was my mother who gave this name to me. She is a Singaporean Indian Muslim and my father is an American who converted to Islam at the Muslim Converts’ Association, Singapore.

I was born in November last year, and am now (mid-Feb to mid-May 2014) enjoying my stay in the United States of America in North Carolina on a 3-month holiday since February with my dad and mum, visiting my American relatives.

Both my relatives in Singapore and in the US say that I am cute, but I hope I would grow up to be handsome like my dad.

Well, let me now talk about my name – Adam.

Adam, as you know, is the first man according to both the Bible and the Quran. God
made Adam in Paradise. God also made Eve and, and according to Islam, they both
dwelled in Paradise as husband and wife and there they had the early stages of
development. It was like a baby going through the various stages of development in the womb of a mother (Paradise), and no wonder Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, said: “Paradise lies at the feet of mothers.” Therefore, mothers have to care and nurture their children well to be deserving of this honour. (One Dr Lim Luping, when asked about her best investment, as reported in an article in The Sunday Times, 13 April 2014, said: “I’d say that educating my children and imparting good values is the best investment to a mother.”)

While in Paradise, Adam and Eve got to develop all the faculties of a human being, like intelligence and the ability to make choices and so on. Then, one day, they made a mistake by disobeying God. They both ate something that was forbidden by God to eat. But God did not punish them as they were His first human creation – instead, God made them realise their mistake and they repented and God pardoned them, and so they carried no permanent blemishes in their soul or nature.

Then, according to God’s Plan, when Adam and Eve were ready, they were placed on earth just like a baby would be born when it is fully developed in the womb.

According to Islam, Adam was not only the first man but also the first prophet because he would still be needing God’s Revelations (as guidance) to guide his progeny on earth. So, as Adam and Eve came into the world with a pure and sinless nature, so too all babies born since then – from parents of any race, culture or religion – are in the state of fitrah (pure and sinless). I am happy that I was born pure and sinless, a natural disposition of all babies.

As a baby, everyone loves me because indeed I am pure, sinless and spiritually unblemished and cute, cuddly, adorable and lovable. All babies are, not me alone.

My name is also very popular. Not only many Christians and Muslims are named Adam but many places and things too, such as:

• In Singapore, there is a busy street called Adam. Luckily, it’s called “Adam Road”, not “Adam’s Road, otherwise I would lay a claim to it, saying “It’s my road.”

• Men have something bulging under the skin in the front of their throats. That bulge looks like a nut stuck in the throat, so instead of calling it men’s nut, it was called Adam’s apple though no apple is as small as that. Anyway, I don’t have that “apple” yet, but I shall have one naturally after puberty.

• There is a 2,243 m tall conical-mountain in central Sri Lanka. Adventurers and others like to go up this mountain to see the “sacred footprint” at its peak. Some say the footprint was that of Siva, some say it was that of Buddha and some say it was that of Adam. However, the peak was named after Adam – Adam’s Peak. So, my name did not only start in Paradise but the peak of a high mountain on earth is named Adam.

I have more to say, like about my holiday in America, but I shall reserve that for Part 2 of my narration.

By the way, I must confess that I seldom cry, and that’s why my family members call me a happy baby. But now after narrating this story (in my baby language, of course) to my Singapore Grand-dad via Facetime, I’m hungry, so I shall cry. I want my mother’s milk. Bye for now. By the way, there are some photos of me shown in this article.  As you can see from my lips, I was narrating this story, in baby language, of course, to my Singapore Grand-dad via Facetime.

Adam Rayan Dula
January 2014


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