(2) Adam’s Day: “My American family, thank you and I love you.”

My infant life (Part 2):  “My American family, thank you and I love you.” 

In my Part 1 article in April 2014, I related  about myself and said that my name is Adam – Adam Rayan Dula.

Now,  I am 6 months old.  When I was three months old, something great happened.  My parents took me for a holiday in the United States of America.  I stayed there for three months, visiting my American relatives and places of interest.

My dad is American and my mom is Singaporean.  I was born in Singapore in mid-November last year (2013).

My American family and friends were excited to see me as they had seen me only from photos in my Facebook Page.


My American relatives – my grand-mom, grand-dad, grand-aunt, my aunty and her husband and my uncle and his wife – live in North Carolina.  When they were informed that we were going to visit them, they were excited and earnestly waited for our arrival.

The day finally arrived and my Singapore grandmother and grandfather sent us at the Changi Airport at 2:30 am.  I could feel that they were sad as they would miss me, but they were also happy that my American family members would be happy to have me with them for three months.  Indeed they were.  I was happily received with much attention and love.

I met all my American relatives.  They cuddled me, squeezed me, kissed me, talked to me, and made me laugh and giggle.  In short, they were happy to make me happy.  I love them all.

My grand-dad even took us to his holiday home in a county called Duck.  It’s a nice house with a huge area to play and relax.  It’s near the beach and from the balcony of my grand-dad’s home, I enjoyed the sight of the wide open area and the sound as well as the splendid sunset view.  My grand-dad is an active person.  He loves golf and often goes to play golf with his friends.


One beautiful day, Grand-dad and Grand-ma took us to the Wright Brothers museum.  I went through the “first flight” programme without crying and received a Junior Ranger’s badge. We were at the very spot where brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright set up their “camp”, experimented and finally reaped success – they made the very first flight of mankind on 17 Dec 1903.  We were honoured to be at this historical site.

Like my Singapore grandfather, my American grandfather loves taking pictures of nature. Below, are four pictures of nature. “Pelican” and “Sunset” were taken by my American grandfather, while “River” and “Squirrel” were taken by my Singapore grandfather.


Time flew like the present-day jet-aircraft.  And all too soon my stay in America ended, and my Grand-aunt was the last relative to hug me before my parents and I left her home in the morning of May 15 (Atlanta time) and drove ourselves to the airport in Atlanta.

I reached Singapore on 17 May, exactly on my 6-month birthday.  I am proud and happy to have my father from America and mother from Singapore with many relatives on both my sides who love me.  I am proud that I am the go-between, the middle-person in getting two families with two different cultures united through marriage.  As for me, I will soon learn to talk not only in English but also in Malay.  My parents even wanted me to learn Mandarin.

My 3-month holiday in America was wonderful.  I enjoyed it.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank my American relatives for the love they showered on me and the presents they heaped on me.

My American grandfather wrote to my Singapore grandfather about me, saying:  “He is so cute. I cannot believe how cute he is.  He is one special kid.  Prince Adam is the star wherever he goes. He has the most wonderful smile. He is our star…Having Adam here was very special and I will always remember the good times we had with him.”

Thanks Grand-dad for painting such a glorious description of me.

Since I arrived in Singapore till yesterday (8 days already), things were not good for me. First, there was the jet-lag, and I kept waking up at 3 am, feeling as if it was day-time in Singapore, and my parents had to be awake too to keep me company.  I pity them.  They lost so much sleep.  Sorry parents, and thank you for the trouble taken. Then, I went for my 6-month compulsory immunisation jabs, one in each thigh.  For the second jab, I became extremely apprehensive and  frightened and burst into loud wailing.  I had fever for a couple of days after that, and I was very uncomfortable and sulky. That week, many of my Singapore relatives and my mother’s friends came to visit me but I was not in good mood.  When coaxed, I managed a few smiles only to my family members at home to lessen their worries.

Today, things changed.  I am totally out of the trauma.

Ah, I have a piece of good news:  My parents fed me with solid food for the first time. It’s “Brown rice cereal for baby” mixed with my mother’s milk.  It was wonderful.   I grabbed the spoon to suck it clean.  I enjoyed it and wanted more.  But, as it was the first solid feed, I was given a small amount only.   However, my parents have promised to feed me a bit more of this delicious food daily from now on. That should be great.

Well, I should bid farewell now.  I must thank you – every one of my American family members – for your care, concern and love for me.  I love you all.

Adam Rayan Dula

May 2014

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