(1) Iffah’s Day: “I’m thinking of Adam”

My infant life (Part 1):   “I’m thinking of Adam.”

My cousin, Adam Rayan Dula, is celebrating his first year birthday today (17 November 2014).  I wish him Happy Birthday.  How I wish we could celebrate his birthday together, but we can’t; he is very far, far away in Sydney, Australia.

Adam’s mother, previously a teacher, has gone to Australia to study for her PhD and, he is there to help his mother write her assignments.  Like me, he is a writer.  (He has written three artcles already – see Adam’s Day). We are writers like our grandfather, who is a retired teacher, whom we call Atuk.  He has written several books and hundreds of articles in magazines and newspapers.  Atuk’s niece, Fazillah Gaffa, who Adam and I call, Aunt Faz, is a journalist.  So, writing is in my blood.


Adam (above) and I often see each other, not physically, of course, but on Facetime when his mother contacts my Nani (my paternal grandmother) and Atuk (my paternal grandfather).   Nani and Atuk are staying with me now from mid-October as their house is undergoing some major renovation works.

Today, I saw Adam, who already has four teeth, on video on his Facebook page, Adam Rayan Dula Page.  He was in a department store where his parents, Munirah Bte Shaik Kadir and Allen Dula, had gone to purchase things for their home.  He was sitting in a shopping-cart and busily grabbing packages and throwing them into the cart while his mother picked them up and putting them back.   The caption of the video goes:  “Adam (shopping) verses Mommy (deshopping)”

I also saw another of his videos, a video of him standing and balancing himself.  Yes, soon, in a couple of weeks, he would take his first steps to walk, while I, in a couple of months, would crawl.

I also saw some of his photos posted on his Page.  Heh! Heh! Heh!  I giggled shyly when I saw his…I mean, saw his photos showing him naked.  The caption reads:  “I’m in my birthday suit, wishing my Nani a happy birthday!”

Oh, yes, two days ago (15 November) was my Nani’s birthday and she received a flood of birthday wishes through her Facebook.

Last night, as I was writing this article for my Atuk’s blog, my Nani was not with me at home; her friend Nenny Dewani Abbas, a newspaper journalist, had taken her out to give her a birthday dinner treat; only my Atuk and my parents were at home.  I’m not sure of my Nani’s age; some say 65, some say 56.  But what I can see is, she has a mole, neatly positioned at the corner of her upper lip.  Perhaps my Atuk was attracted to her mole and married her.  Very romantic, eh!


Oh my gosh, I’ve been talking about Adam and my Atuk and Nani that I forgot to introduce myself.  (See the above collage, I’m that baby.)

Well, I’m Adam’s cousin in Singapore, Nur Iffah Bte Muhammad Imran.  Adam’s mother is my father’s elder sister. I am four months old and I can write well.  My Atuk taught me the art and skill of writing.  My mother is Shuhaila Bte Sidik.  Both my parents deal with children; they are teachers.

I have two other cousins on my mother’s side.  They are Bill Haque, a body-builder, and Arinal, a sweet thing. Their parents, Rashima Bte Sidik and Muhammad Zuhal, are also teachers.  Atuk’s nephew, Uncle Hamid, and his wife, Aunt Suriani, are also teachers, so too is Uncle Hamid’s sister, Aunt Shamira.  Oh, my!  There are so many teachers in my family.  Well, teaching is a respectable and interesting profession, I know.  As for me, I am not going to think now of what I want to be when I grow up.  I am happy thinking of Adam. He’s so handsome.

Once again, Happy Birthday, Abang Adam.

Nur Iffah Bte Muhammad Imran

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