Mr Lee Kuan Yew: (2) Mr Lee leaves the world; his great legacy remains

Mr Lee leaves the world; his great legacy remains

Mr Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister and founding father of Singapore, passed away peacefully this morning (21 March 2015) at 3:18 am.  He was 91.

We are saddened to hear the news of his departure, and we share the grief of his three children.  Do accept our condolences.

From God everyone comes and to Him everyone returns.

In Mr Lee’s own words: “You begin your journey not knowing where it will take you. You have plans, you have dreams, but every now and again you have to take uncharted roads, face impassable mountains, cross treacherous rivers, be blocked by landslides and earthquakes. That’s the way my life has been.”

The most moving scene of his public life is when he shed tears at the news of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965.  This shows a leader who has his country and people in his heart.  From then onwards, he strived to make Singapore prosper and ensured that Singaporeans live in peace and harmony.   Singaporeans cannot forget his great contributions in shaping Singapore to what it is today – a tiny but a great nation.

The departure of Mr Lee is a great loss to Singapore.

Mr Lee’s great legacy remains for us to learn from it, and help in carrying on his aspirations of making Singapore a great city and Singaporeans a kind and caring society of people.

Shaik Kadir

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One Response to Mr Lee Kuan Yew: (2) Mr Lee leaves the world; his great legacy remains

  1. Nor Ain Saleha says:

    Thanks Kadir … I met late Mr Lee K Y when I was 6 years. At 16 for my O Level I wrote him as my hero in the English paper. Then throughout my life I felt his love for Singaporeans … have been grieving his passing since I knew it at 7 am today.

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