(21) Practical Islam: Ramadan’s ending soon: Be quick to receive its blessings

Ramadan’s ending soon:  Be quick to receive its blessings 

The month which Muslims all over the world had awaited eagerly – Ramadan – has already come and is now already in its 16th day.

Muslims do feel sad as the countdown to its end has started – sad because Ramadan brings an indescribable emotional excitement and religious zeal among the adults as well as children.

Ramadan is not only about fasting but it is a package deal of goodness that fetches not only spiritual and physical benefits to oneself but also spiritual enlightenment and rewards. Among the numerous merits, Ramadan makes a Muslim:

  • feel the hunger of the poor who might have nothing or very little to eat,
  • more charitable in terms of giving away money and food,
  • makes a person patient and kind,
  • go to the mosque and stay there for prayers, reading of the Qur’an and observing self-reflection longer and more earnestly than outside Ramadan,
  • bond among family members as they eat together for both the sahur (pre-dawn meal) and iftar (breaking of fast meal),
  • emphasise Islamic brotherhood and community togetherness,
  • feel closeness towards Allah and seek His forgiveness in humility.

Ramadan is a month when the Qur’an was first revealed and where one may encounter “Laylathul Qadr”, the night which is better than 1000 months.

Ramadan offers a Muslim the opportunity to change and improve himself in his attitude, character and motivation to be a better Muslim to serve himself, the family, the community and the nation in achieving happiness, harmony and success.

Once again, I wish all Muslims “Ramadan al-Mubarak”, which simply means “Congratulations for the opportunity given by God to be in the blessed Ramadan”.

Shaik Kadir

5 July 2015 

(The photo of the newspaper cutting below shows Shaik Kadir’s article in Malay in Berita Minggu (5 July 2015) with the title “Bubur masjid: juadah enak lagi bawa harmoni” (“Mosque porridge: a delicious food item that also brings harmony”).  It’s a reworked article of his blog article, “General interest: Salute to the humble bubur masjid”. )  


(Shaik Kadir's article in Berta Minggu of 5 July 2015, meaning “Mosque porridge: a delicious food item that also brings harmony”.

(Shaik Kadir’s article in Berta Minggu of 5 July 2015, meaning “Mosque porridge: a delicious food item that also brings harmony”.


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