(Iffah’s Day): I love Singapore; I pity Aylan Kurdi

I love Singapore; I pity Aylan KurdiIffah A and B

You will realise how frail we humans have become when you see the heart-wrenching images of an innocent 3-year old Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea and whose body was washed ashore on a beach in Turkey when the boat carrying him and his family and others sank. The group was escaping from the hardship in Syria and was looking for a new, happy life in Europe.

The photo of Ayan lying face down at the edge of the water flashing around the world had brought tears to many parents and jerked international communities to take effective action, in short to save humanity.

I was born on 3 July 2014 and I will be among those who will be around to celebrate SG100, insya-Allah (God-willing), with pomp and happiness.  We pray and hope for this.

Singapore is an excellent place to live, learn and work. It has excellent policies in education, employment, housing, health-care and has praiseworthy infrastructure such as the Changi Airport, Garden by the Bay and a scenic Marina Bay.  Generally Singapore is clean and green and is a vibrant and beautiful garden city.  And we have a clean and caring government.

However, I want to see continuity and sustainability in every endeavour Singapore makes and in every challenge Singapore undertakes so as to be an even more, and highly, successful country as this would be good for me and all people of my age in the future and for all future children too.  We want economic progress and success as well as social stability and solidarity.

As I grow up, I want to see and be given fair educational opportunities and fair employment opportunities.  I would like to have excellent living conditions.  I want to see advancement not only in hardware but also in heartware.

And, of course, Singapore, being my birthplace and that of parents and of both my paternal and maternal grandparents, I wish to see my Singapore advance as a model nation for the world in terms of strong, committed, efficient government and leaders with passion and compassion to serve all Singaporean of all races with fairness. I want our leaders to have vision and mission to keep our country viable and progressive and where the citizens, irrespective of race, language or religion, enjoy a quality of life that is among the best in the world – and we can surely achieve it. I want to see Singaporeans live together in peace and harmony as one united people regardless of race, language or religion as given in our national pledge.

Finally, I wish to see a happier world, a world for humanity. There have been lots of atrocities created in the name of freedom of speech and religion (often misunderstanding of it). There had been mindless provocations, hatred, hostility, revengeful acts, destruction, corruption, greed, poverty, and lack of education and jobs.

Could the present and future leaders of each country in the world initiate missions to ensure that their own country is in good order, a country where its own citizens love to live in it with contentment instead of fleeing from it?  If each country is able to take care of its own territory and people efficiently and lovingly, the world will be an interesting abode to live, travel and marvel. Otherwise, there will be people running everywhere as is happening now in many countries across the globe by sea and land, risking lives and creating crises and chaos, to find a better place to live.

I love Singapore; it’s a beautiful country, but I pity Aylan Kurdi who died in vain because his country is plunged in prolonged human disaster. He wanted to live elsewhere to enjoy his life but he couldn’t make it.

When I grow up, I shall do my part for Singapore in contributing to the continued success and prosperity of my country, and towards enhancing its peace and harmony. I want happiness. I want others to be happy too.

Majulah Singapura (Onward, Singapore)

(Composed by my Atok on my behalf)                                                                                         Nur Iffah Muhammad Imran                                                                                                       6 October 2015


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