A BIG “Thank you” to you…


A BIG “Thank you” to you…

I received more than 60 birthday greetings (via Facebook, WhatsApp and emails) on my birthday yesterday (29 January 2017) from my relatives and friends. Some were accompanied by online birthday cards, the convenience of today’s internet facility.

In response to them, instead of thanking each of them individually for their greetings and blessings as and when received, I decided to list out their names together with their greetings. Perhaps, this is the first time someone is responding in such a way.  (I had the time to do it because I am not able to walk out of my home yet – I injured my right foot baby toe upon carelessly hitting hard against the leg of my dining table and dropped in great pain. My son and my wife took me to hospital and an x-ray showed that there is a serious fracture and the toe was bandaged to the next toe and oral medication given. And that is why, some of my relatives have wished me speedy recovery in their birthday greetings. There is no more pain now and it should be completely healed in a few weeks.)

The well-wishers’ names and messages are as follows (in the order of appearance):

  • Wandy Azley: Happy Birthday.
  • Zuraimi Abdul Basheer: Happy Birthday Encik Shaik Kadir!
  • Ayra Faisal: Semoga diberikan kesihatan, rezeki yang luas dan berbahagia disamping famili tersayang. Happiest Bday encik Kadir.
  • Eryka Adams: Happy birthday bro – may Allah bless you with good health
  • Beth Hickman Hage: (From USA) Have a wonderful birthday and may you enjoy many more.
  • Hairos CM: Slmt Hari Lahir uncle..semoga d pjgkn usia..kesihatan yg baik..kebahagiaan d dunia dan d akhirat..aamiin.
  • Zainab Marican: Happy Birthday to Sir Shaik Kadir. May Allah bless you with health & plenty Rezeki. Aamiin.
  • Zarin Kamisah: Selamat hari lahir buat mamu Shaik Kadir… Semoga sentiasa berbahagia di samping keluarga tersayang.
  • Noor Liah: Happy birthday Shaik Kadir semoga dipanjangkan umur dan murah rezeki in sya Allah Aamiin3…
  • Shamira Abdul Majeed: Advance birthday lunch for mamu Shaik Kadir ! We can’t bring you out so we bring food to you 😉 (With photo which she took at my home)
  • Sithi Junaidha: Speedy recovery to you uncle kader and a blessed Happy Birthday to you
  • Amir Gany Mohd Ali: Happy Birthday Mamu Shaik Kadir. May Allah bless you and your family. I respect Kadir as a kind, responsible n caring brother. Alhamdulillah.
  • Zainab Bee: Happy birthday baijan semuga cepat sembuh insyaAllah aamiin
  • Judd Gray Oyler: (From North Carolina, USA) HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎊
  • Moemi Takei: (From Japan) Happy birthday, papa! Hope you have a great day
  • At home with niece Shamira Abdul Majeed: “Happy birthday and speedy recovery Mamu. No worries about the makan. We can go when you’re well. Take care.”

    With niece Shamira Abdul Majeed at my home: “Happy birthday and speedy recovery Mamu. No worries about the makan. We can go when you’re well. Take care.”

  • Lina Koh: Happy Birthday 🎂 Shaik Kadir.
  • Endang Mulyati: Selamat Hari Lahir (Photo)
  • Khalid Khoso: Happy birthday dearest Shaik Kadir.may you have many more prospectus and healthy years to come ahead 😐
  • Anthony Chong: Selamat Hari Jadi, Cik Shaik.
  • Dick Yip: Blessed Birthday Shaik ! More to come….
  • Nurimuslima Abdullah: Happy Birthday
  • Lib Gray Dula: (From North Carolina, USA) Hope you have a wonderful day today Shaik Kadir
  • Suryani Nasiruddin: Happy birthday to shaik kadir may Allah bless you and happy always
  • Sofiah Chong: happy birthday bro. May Allah bless you & family!
  • Faz Gaffa-Marsh: Spending time with Mamu & Mami on Mamu’s “21st” birthday. 😉 (With photo which she took at my home)
  • Suhaila Ghaffar: Young at heart 😉
  • Rahmah Abdul Rahim: Happy Birthday Bang. Di doakan bahagia dunia akhirat
  • Indira Tabo: (From Philippines) Happy Birthday, papa Shaik! More blessings! Cheers to more travels! 😊
  • Fauziah Ali: Happy birthday abg Shaik Kadir. Semoga di beri kesehatan selalu.
  • Lee Samsudin Ibrahim: Happy birthday Shaik n many happy returns
  • Grandson Adam Rayan Dula (3 yrs 2 mths).

    Grandson Adam Rayan Dula (3 yrs 2 mths).

  • Hassan Abdullah: Selamat Hari Lahir Semoga di beri kesihatan, reziki yang banyak. Amiin
  • Fiona Qadijah Ng: Happy birthday
  • Yulia Indahri: happy birthday, Pak. many happy returns of the day!
  • Mohd Jefri Tek Abdullah: Selamat Hari Jadi dan sihat selalu
  • Riduan Shafique Abdullah Tok: Best Wishes to You On This Special Day of Yours. May Your Wishes Come True.
  • Ramli Hamid: Happy birthday my old Friend. May you be blessed with good health always, good fortune and many many birthdays ahead. In syaa Allah.
  • Karim Mastan: May Allah bless u with the best of health n happiness always Amin…
  • Syedah Qasim: Happy birthday to my brother, Shaik Kadir. May Allah s.w.t bless you with good health, wealth and be happy always with your loved ones. Ameen 🎂
  • Fuad Lew: Happy birthday
  • Evelyn Yap: Happy birthday Shaik Kadir 🎂
  • Mohd Safuan Abdullah: Sanah Helwah tuan
  • Iffa Rai: Happy birthday
  • Haida Anuar: Happy birthday uncle!😍
  • Khatijah Surattee: Many happy returns of the day.
  • James Seah: Happy Birthday, AbangShaik Kadir. Wishing you happiness, good health and success in everything you do with blessings on this special day today and always. Selamat Hari Lahir!
  • At home with niece Fazillah Abdul Gaffa: “Happy birthday my dearest Mamu! May Allah continue to shower you with His love and care, and may you continue to be surrounded with an abundance of love!”

    With niece Fazillah Abdul Gaffa at my home: “Happy birthday my dearest Mamu! May Allah continue to shower you with His love and care, and may you continue to be surrounded with an abundance of love!”

  • Zainab Bee: Happy birthday baijan.
  • Nabisah Yusope: Happy Birthday to Shaik Kadir
  • Fatimah Bee: “The best thing mom and dad have done, is to give me a brother like you…Happy Birthday”
  • CT Mariam Mahmood: Happy Birthday Abg Kadir
  • Muhammad Hafidz Zainal Abidin: May your birthday be full of happy hours and special moments to remember for a long long time! Happy Birthday
  • Peerbhai Bhai: Happy Birthday, Bhaijan. May Allah bless you. Stay healthy always.
  • Faz Gaffa-Marsh: Happy birthday my dearest Mamu! May Allah continue to shower you with His love and care, and may you continue to be surrounded with an abundance of love! ❤❤
  • Munirah Shaik Kadir: (Studying in Sydney) Dearest Abah, Happy Birthday to you 🎂  May Allah bless you with good health, happiness and murah rezeki always. Thank you for everything that you have done for us ❤️ We love you lots ❤Enjoy your birthday celebrations 🎉 Please take care 💐
  • Fie Ismun: (From Sydney, via WhatsApp) Asalamwalaikum Abang Kadir. I would like to wish you a happy birthday.  Semoga di panjangkan umor dan murahkan rezeki alhamdulillah. Aamin
  • Suhaila Ghaffar: Happy Birthday Uncle Kadir from all of us! May u be blessed with good health and in faith
  • Nor Ain Saleha: Happy belated birthday Kadir. Blessings!
  • Mohamed Othman: Happy birthday Shaik. Semoga murah rezeki dan sentiasa menikmati rahmat Allah SWT.
  • Dhini Aqila: Happy birthday bp sheikh kadir Allah give health and protect you always amiiin
  • Karim Mastan: Happy birthday my bro in law n hope your little toe recovered fast
  • Jamaliah A. Aziz: Happy birthday Bro Shaik Kadir
  • Granddaughter Nur Iffah Muhd Imran (2 yrs 7 mths).

    Granddaughter Nur Iffah Muhammad Imran (2 yrs 7 mths).

  • Khairon Mastan: May Allah bless you with health and contentment
  • Shuhaila Sidik: Happy Birthday, Abah!
  • Shamira Abdul Majeed: (via WhatsApp) Oh dear! Mine was a dislocation and it was already so painful. Cant imagine yours that is broken!  Happy birthday and speedy recovery Mamu. No worries about the makan. We can go when you’re well. Take care.
  • Muhammad Hafidz Abdullah: (via WhatsApp) Salam, Encik Shaik Kadir. Happy Birthday.
  • Fred & Edie Dula: (From North Carolina, USA, via online card) Hope you have a very Happy Birthday
  • John Vijayan, Jawahir Mohamed, Zakariah Shariff, Wan Shamsiah and Sri Zuraida (from SSEAYP Family chat group)wishing Happy Birthday.
  • Azri Tan: Happy Birthday
  • Muhammad Fadhlullah:Happy belated birthday bro Shaik Kadir! May Allah bless u always!
  • Faezah Jonit:Happy Birthday Mamu Jan.
  • Prince Ruudi: Happy birthday Mr. Kadir
  • Thilaga Balakerishnan:  Happy Birthday uncle.
  • Joy Ho: Happy belated birthday, Uncle Kadir! May you be blessed with good health and happiness always.
  • Anita Ismun: (From Sydney, via WhatsApp) 🎂Happy birthday. Semoga Allah sentiasa panjang kan usia, murahkan rezeki, sehat sentiasa dan di berkati Allah. Allahumma Aamiin 🎂

My thanks are also due to all those who had indirectly wished me by “Liking” the postings made by others.

I too wish all those who had sent the greetings and those who had liked the postings by others many happy returns. May God bless you with good health and happiness.

To my Chinese friends, many of whom in the above list are converts to Islam, I wish them Happy New Year.  Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Shaik Kadir

30 January 2017


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