Adam’s days in Singapore and Italy

Adam’s days in Singapore and Italy


Munirah, Allen and their son, Adam Rayan Dula were in Singapore for a total of 14 days recently (February/March 2017). The family is staying in Sydney where Munirah is studying for her PhD. This is her final year.

The family took the opportunity to come to Singapore enroute to Italy where Munirah made her presentation in an international educators’ conference in the city of Florence, entitled “Analyzing the Effect of Managing Element in Interactivity in Science Learning”.

We were excited about Adam’s Singapore visit.  Previous to this visit, the last time my wife, Khairon Mastan, and I saw our grandson was for 12 days in November last year when we visited the family in Sydney, and celebrated his third birthday at Werrington Lake Park near their home. (See )

Previous to our Sydney visit, the last time Adam was here was for six weeks in November 2015. He was two years then, and we celebrated his birthday with some pomp.

Adam, born in Singapore, is now (March 2017) 3 years 3 months old.  Munirah, in the “Acknowledgement” page of her final thesis which she is in the process of drafting, acknowledges several people who have been her motivational guide, especially her professors and Singapore and American family members.  Of her husband, Munirah records: “Thank you to my husband Allen Dula for being the sole caretaker for our son, Adam, so I can complete my studies with a peace of mind knowing that he is in good care of his loving father.”

Most of the following photos of him with his parents and relatives were taken during his recent visit to Singapore and Italy.

Previous announcement posters

Previous Announcement poster in SK’s Facebook on 25 March 2017.

Previous announcement poster in Shaik Kadir’s Facebook on 28 March 2017.  In the “Comments”, Adam’s American grandpa Fred Dula wrote: “He is a very special kid. He has the record for photos taken of any child in Asia, Europe and North America up to 4 years old. And more loved than any up to 10 years old.”
And, Adam’s American grandma Lib Gray Dula commented:  “He is so cute and I know you all miss him a lot and I know he will miss you a lot. I love that we have so many pictures and I also love my FaceTime with him.”

Faces of Adam

Adam with his American relatives

(From left): Three-month-old Adam with his grandfather Fred Dula and Edie Dula in North Carolina, USA. Two of the photos show Adam’s parents, Allen Dula and Munirah Shaik Kadir. One day during Adam’s stay in North Carolina, his American grandparents took him to the Wright Brothers museum.  He went through the “first flight” programme without crying and so received the Junior Park Ranger’s badge, shown above on the right.

(From left): Three-month-old Adam with his grandfather Fred Dula and Edie Dula in North Carolina, USA. Two of the photos show Adam’s parents, Allen Dula and Munirah Shaik Kadir.

International conference in Italy

At the International conference in Florence, Italy themed New Perspectives in Science Education: Adam’s mother, Munirah Shaik Kadir, a PhD candidate, making her presentation, “Analyzing the Effect of Managing Element in Interactivity in Science Learning”.  Under “Comments” of Munirah’s Facebook on the photo of her conference presentation, Adam’s American grandmother, Lib Gray Dula, wrote:  “So proud of my awesome daughter-in-law.”

Romancing in Rome

Friendship renewed 

Munirah and Allen and their friends, Suriati Supani and her husband, Roger Bamrud. Singaporean Suriati married Roger who is a Norwegian and they live in Norway. They came to Italy on a short tour to meet Munirah and Allen.

Adam in school in Singapore

Adam’s Aunt Suriani Suhaimi gave Adam an opportunity to learn, play and mingle with other children of her school at Bright Beginnings Learning Centre. Because of the short time in Singapore, Adam managed to attend the play-group classes only twice. Adam thanks Aunt Suriani and her husband, Uncle Hamid Abdul Majid, for allowing him to join the play-group.

Everything new and interesting

At Atuk’s home: Adam doing many interesting things, even calling up his relatives and admiring neighbourhood cats.

Cousins Adam Rayan Dula and Nur Iffah Muhammad Imran being cuddled by Aunt Shuhaila Sidik (Aunt Shu) (left) their Grandmother Khairon (Nani) and Aunt Fazillah Abdul Gaffa (Aunt Faz).

Adam with Uncle Hamid, Aunt Mira and Uncle Imran.

In the neighbourhood

Wow! Adam is really enjoying himself, even from a height above Tanah Merah MRT Station.

Family get-together

Family members with Adam

A poolside party at Aunt Faz’ home. (Missing in the photo is Iffah’s mother, Aunt Shu, who is in South Korea attending a teaching course conference.)

Farewell, Adam

Bye, Adam. We shall see you back in Singapore soon when your mother graduates with her PhD.

Back in his Sydney home: Is Adam performing some magic tricks which he learned from his Uncle Imran? No, though it looks quite ghostly, his mother says Adam is waving furiously at us to gesture goodbye and goodnight on his first night back home.

With Skype and Facetime we are able to contact people living faraway live. Adam is contacted very often, and we sense that he does miss us too, often asking for “Atuk” to see and talk to his grandfather.

Shaik Kadir

4 April 2017

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