“Quran Hour” gains huge success

“Quran Hour” gains huge success

Posters announcing the Quran Hour were displayed days before the event.

The Quran reading event, called “Quran Hour’, held in Singapore for the first on 11 June from 5 to 6 o’clock, was a huge success. Many took part in the event in mosques all over Singapore and at home during the stipulated hour.

The date (11 June) was chosen because the verses of the Quran were first received by Prophet Muhammad on 17 Ramadan and it coincided this year with the evening of 11 June.

This Islamic date, 17 Ramadan, is known as Nuzul Al-Quran, the celebration of the day of the beginning of the Revelation of the Quran. The verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet by Allah through the Arch-angel Gabriel over 23 years, but it began with five verses on 17 Ramadan. This first Revelation, containing five verses, which the Prophet received is the first five verses of Chapter 96, called “Iqraa” (Read!). The verses, translated in English, are as follows:
“Read! In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher who created –
Created man from a clot of congealed blood,
Read! And thy Lord is most Bountiful,
He Who taught the use of the pen,
Taught man that which he knew not.”
(Quran, 96:1-5)

The word “Read” is the very first word of Islam, the very first Command of Allah that led to the formation of Islam. It is a call in education for the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, encompassing compassion and mercy for all living and non-living things: humans, animals and the environment.

The Quran Hour aims not only at encouraging Muslims to respect the day of Nuzul Al-Qur’an but also aims at fostering the habit of reading the Quran often for knowledge and spiritual well-being. It is meant to encourage the Muslim to make the Quran his or her life’s guidance and to foster peace and harmony in one’s own country and the outside world.

“Quran Hour is an incentive”

Mdm Khairon Mastan, reading the Quran at home, says: “The ‘Quran Hour’ is actually an incentive for reading the Quran on a daily basis and gaining wisdom from it.”

The following photos and comments received some participants of “Quran Hour” provide a glimpse of the adoration and success of the event on 11 June 2017.

“Quran Hour is good opportunity to know Islam”

Ms Khadijah Abdul Kareem, reporting from Khadijah Mosque in Geylang Road, Singapore, said amusingly, “It’s KKK”. What’s that? Well, Ms Khadijah found it a coincidence to have met a young lady named Ms Kadija Nguette who was attending the Quran Reading Hour there. “See, it’s ‘Khadijah met Kadija at Khadijah Mosque’ – KKK, right?”

Kadija Nguette, whose parents were from Senegal, was born and raised in France. She is working in Singapore.

“The Quran Hour is a good opportunity for people like me to learn about Islam and improve our reading of the Quran,” the young lady told Ms Khadijah. “I often come to this mosque to read the Quran and do my prayers. When reading the Quran, other readers near me correct me. This is good.”

Ms Kadija Nguette added, “There are many beautiful mosques in Singapore, and so we have the huge opportunity to meet people of the Muslim community and have Iftar together as a way of bonding with them. This is especially meaningful to me as I have no family here in Singapore.”

“Enthusiastic calmness”

Reporting from Al-Istighfar Mosque in Pasir Ris Walk, Ms Habsah Jamal, said: “The atmosphere in this mosque during the Quran Hour is what I would term as ‘enthusiastic calmness’.

People streamed in way enthusiastically before the start of the Quran Hour to participate in this highly-spirited event organised in Singapore for the first time. The people looked calm as they divided themselves into groups to read the juz (parts of the Quran) chosen by the group. Generally, each group comprised 8-10 participants, and they calmly and softly read their selected juz, making sure not to disturb the other groups nearby.”

“Young participants increasing in number”

Mr Jamain Suaib, reporting from Kampung Siglap Mosque, said a prize giving event for winners of a memorising of Al-Quran Musabaqah (competition) was held before the Quran Hour. “The participants were young people below 21,” he reported. “One male and one female came tops for having completed memorising the whole Quran.”

As for the Quran Hour event, Mr Jamain reported that many people came to take part in the event. “You can also see that the participants are younger and more sophisticated. Most are English educated youngsters, and this is good. It is heartening to see the number of young Muslims in the mosque is increasing nowadays.”

“One of the most magnificent mosques in the world”

Writing from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Ms Rohani Rahim Nawawi, a Singaporean who works there and stays alone, says she was eager to take part in the Singapore Quran Hour from there. “I read in your blog about the Quran Hour which was to be held in Singapore mosques on 11 June from 5pm to 6pm Singapore time, but as Abu Dhabi is about four hours behind Singapore I was not able to make it to a mosque to read the Quran. Near where I stay there are three mosques but there is no prayer rooms for ladies except for medium size ones which are far away,” she wrote.

Ms Rohani said there are mosques everywhere in Abu Dhabi. “But the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the grandest. It has prayer facilities for women, and is always crowded, especially during Ramadan.”

She added in her message: “I am sending some internet photos of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is one of the most magnificent mosques in the world for you to use in the article.”

“Kiki’s reading of the Quran is fantastic”

Mdm Rahmah Abdul Rahim, who is wheel-chair bound, reporting from her home on the day of “Quran Hour”, said: “We need this kind of events on a yearly basis. It is good as we can also doa for peace in the world, though we do doa for peace every day.”

She added: “I am sending a couple of photos, one of it shows two ladies. The one sitting on a chair is my elderly Mother-in-law while the other person is the caregiver whose name is Kiki. The other photo shows my husband, Jamaludin Othman.”

Mdm Rahmah and Mr Jamaludin read the Quran in their room while her Mother-in-law and Kiki have a separate room. “Kiki’s reading of the Quran is fantastic. Kiki has a God-sent ability to read the Quran in a melodious way. Alhamdullillah!” remarked Mdm Rahmah.

“When the Quran is read, listen to it with respect and attention”

[ Ms Mariati Johari, who was at Al-Falah Mosque, took the photos of Mdm Kamisah (with pink tudung) and others reading the Quran.]

Reading the Qur’an is a barakah (blessing), so is listening to it. Prophet Muhammad said: “The person whose recitation and voice is most beautiful is one who, when you hear him recite, you can feel that he fears Allah.”

Also, Allah instructs Muslims: “When the Quran is read, listen to it with respect and attention.”

And, putting the teachings Muslims read from the Quran into practice brings greater blessing. “Those who listen to the Word (the Quran) and follow the best meaning in it; those are the ones whom Allah has guided.” (39:18)

(Many thanks to Ms Khadijah, Ms Habsah, Mr Jamain, Ms Rohani, Mdm Rahmah and Ms Mariati for sending in photos for use in this article.)

Shaik Kadir
17 June 2017

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  1. Rahmah abdul Rahim says:

    Alhamdulillaah. May ALLAH bestows upon you and family barakah of the highest order for this great iniatiative.Thank you for mentioning my family in yr follow up on the QUran Hour. Selamat berbuka puasa. Salam Rahmah.

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