“Islam Explained”: It is important for the world to discover what Islam is and what it teaches

“Islam Explained”

It is important for the world to discover what Islam is and what it teaches

Nur Iffah with the 2008 edition of “Islam Explained”.

The book, “Islam Explained”, was published by Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd, nine years ago, in 2008. (See photo of the book, above, held by the little girl.)  The little girl is my granddaughter, Nur Iffah Bte Muhammad Imran, who turned three on 3 July 2017. Here are some of her birthday photos:

Nur Iffah’s 3rd birthday celebration (Clockwise from left):  Iffah (1) with her Nursery One classmates, (2) with her two teachers, Teacher Pauline (left) and Teacher Casey, (3) with her classmates enjoying the birthday cake, and (4) with her parents and paternal grandparents.

Nur Iffah is also looking at “another” book, also entitled “Islam Explained” which looks different. See photo below.

Nur Iffah with the sample cover of the latest edition of “Islam Explained”: “I can read with my eyes closed and even with the book upside down.”

Well, as the 2008-edition of “Islam Explained” is almost depleted, the publisher decided to have a second edition for it and contacted me to help in updating and expanding the book.
Though it was already Ramadan and the fasting month is a hectic time for Muslims, I decided to help, taking it as a Ramadan challenge. So, from the second week of Ramadan till a couple of days before Eid ul-Fitri, I did the job – for the sake of dakwah to get people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, know the beauty and logic of Islam so that they would understand that it is a religion that teaches peace, mercy and compassion to all.


The blurb on the back cover of the latest edition of the book. It is reproduced below.

The blurb or back-cover information of the new edition goes:
     Islam, a faith that embraces races and cultures, has spread far and wide across the globe and today, about one in five people in the world is a follower of the Islamic faith. Few people have not heard about Islam or interacted with Muslims. But many, including some Muslims, do not know much about Prophet Muhammad and what the Qur’an actually teaches.
     Unfortunately, the focus on terrorism may have resulted in an inaccurate and biased view of Islam and of Muslims in general. Islam is not responsible for those Muslims involved in terrorism and violence; and these Muslims make up only a tiny fraction of the vast majority of practising Muslims who adhere to Islam and find peace and happiness in it. Islam actually promotes peace and harmony. Thus it is important for the world to discover what Islam is and what it teaches.
     This book explores the fundamental beliefs of Islam from its conception to what its adherents need to practise to be righteous and helpful to the peace and progress of one’s country of residence and the wider world. Presented in an elegant and concise way, it explains the different aspects of Islam the in topical form and clarifies misconceptions about the faith. Through this book, readers will be able to better understand and appreciate the truths and expectations of Islam for both Muslims and people of other faiths, to work together to build a safer and more harmonious society for everyone.

The 2008 edition is 19.5cm x 13cm and has 168 pages while the latest edition has a new chapter, “The Muslim World”, and has 200 pages. It is larger in size, 21.5cm x 14cm, just like my previous book, “Inside Islam: 101 Questions & Answers”, published in 2004 by Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd.

The latest edition is bigger and thicker (200 pages) as the information has been updated and expanded.


My 3-year 8-month old grandson, Adam Rayan Dula, giving a thumb’s up for the second edition of “Islam Explained” from Sydney. The photo on the right is a screenshot of a handphone video of him saying, “Atuk’s book is good.”

This second edition will be published this month (July 2017) and will be available in bookshops soon. (The price of the book is not known at this point in time. It would be tagged by the publisher.  However, I feel it would not be more than $24.00 per copy.)

The first person to place an order for two copies (no payment yet as the price is not known  now) of the second edition book is Mr Munawar Khan, Director of Al-Mustaqim Graveyard Services in Singapore.

Mr Munawar Khan (left) with the author, holding the sample front-and-back cover of the book. Mr Munawar’s contact is: Tel: 96687256, and Email: almustaqim.enquiry@gmail.com

Nur Iffah with Ms Nor Ain Saleha holding the sample of the front-and-back cover of the new “Islam Explained”.

The second person who has placed an order for five copies of the book is Ms Nor Ain Saleha Abdul Hamid, a volunteer with the Health Promotion Board and the Singapore Red Cross Society and a MUIS Befriender.

The last paragraph of the Introduction to this edition of “Islam Explained” goes: “This book is dedicated to anyone and everyone, irrespective of race, religion or culture, who reads it to know and understand Islam and Muslims better so that together we can leave harmoniously, respecting one another, and working towards making the world a better place to live in.”

Shaik Kadir
7 July 2017

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