Happy National Day, Singapore: United we stand as one harmonious nation

Happy National Day, Singapore
United we stand as one harmonious nation

Three-year old Nur Iffah Bte Muhammad Imran.

Singaporeans celebrated the nation’s 52nd birthday on 9 August (2017) with the National Day Parade with much pomp and splendour.

The theme of this year’s National Day Parade is the call to all Singaporeans “to take pride in our achievements, and to be confident in our collective future as we overcome all odds together.”

At the Marina Bay floating platform area, this year’s celebration venue, tens of thousands of people gathered to celebrate the grand annual event and enjoy and the the parade and the skyworks, including the fascinating fireworks.

President Tony Tan, who was there to celebrate the nation’s birthday as head of the state for the last time, was visibly moved as he shook hands with many well-wishers.

Speaking to the media he said: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as President and also to reach out to Singaporeans…we’ll have a marvellous future. But we have to strive to work on, there is no end to our journey.”

Congratulations to the nation’s birthday included one from 4-year-old Adam Rayan Dula, who is now in Sydney with his Singaporean mother and American father.

Four-year-old Adam Rayan Dula who is in Sydney.

Some photos of the scenes at the National Day Parade, TV screen-shots from Media Corps’ live telecast, are shown here.

Singing our National Anthem and taking our Singapore Pledge.

President Tony Tan taking his leave after the National Day Parade celebration.

Nursery 1 pupil Nur Iffah Imran: “I love Singapore. I love the colours of our Singapore flag.”

We become better, united and harmonious by working together. My wish is that the young generation of today, including little children like my two grandchildren, Adam Rayan Dula and Nur Iffah Imran, would see Singapore as a happy place to live and they themselves continue to strive to make Singapore an even more conducive place to call it their happy home.

Shaik Kadir
9 August 2017


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