From Australia he came; to USA he’s going. Guess who he is?

From Australia he came; to USA he’s going. Who is he?

He is Adam Rayan Dula, my 4-year-old grandson. He came to Singapore from Sydney 11 days ago and he is leaving for North Carolina, USA, early tomorrow morning (11 December 2017) to meet his American grandparents and relatives.  They met him when he was just a three-month-old baby.

Some of Adam’s Singapore relatives were at the Changi Airport on the evening of Adam’s arrival: Especially extremely eager to see him is his cousin 3½-year-old Nur Iffah Muhammad Imran.

The last time Adam came to Singapore was in February this year (2017). Adam and his parents, Munirah Shaik Kadir and her husband, Allen Dula, came to Singapore enroute to Italy where Munirah, a PhD candidate in a Sydney university, made her presentation in an international educators’ conference in the city of Florence.

So far in Singapore, Adam is having great fun, the greatest being his 4th Birthday celebration. However, his birthday celebration story and photos will be featured later in a separate article.

Adam’s happiest moments were when he meets his cousin, 3½-year-old Nur Iffah Muhammad Imran. They played together, laughed and hugged as close companions.

At my home, the cousins enjoy the evening with great fun when Iffah’s father, Muhammad Imran, after assembling the set, plays with them.

Adam has lots of activities to do at home, even helping in watering Iffah’s Garden.

Adam loves outdoor activities:  Iffah simply wonders at the energy of her cousin who did more than two complete rounds while his father struggles to keep up with him.

Outings with his Atuk (Grandfather), Uncle Imran and Nani (Grandmother). Aunty Shuhaila even took her daughter, Iffah, and us to watch a show – “Let’s rock with Alvinnn!!!” – at the Bedok Mall.

Adam also went to school – for three days. In December, all students enjoy a month of school holidays. But, a pre-school, Bright Beginnings Learning Centre, located at 38 Siglap Drive, conducted a number of holiday programmes. Adam participated in one of them that focuses on making authentic Christmas gifts. “We recommended this programme for Adam because we thought it would be apt for him to work on the gifts as he is heading out to the USA next week,” said Ms Suriani Suhaimi, the school’s Director.

Ms Suriani Suhaimi has all praise for Adam. She said: “Adam was an active participant in all the activities in the programme. He showed autonomy and took pride in his masterpieces. He cooperated well with the facilitator and the other multi-racial participants in the programme.”

She added: “When asked to whom he would like to give the scrub he had made, his reply was ‘My Nani’.” (Adam calls his maternal grandmother “Nani” which means “Grandmother” in Hindi, an Indian language.)

At the Bright Beginnings Learning Centre: “Adam was an active participant in all the activities in the programme,” says the school’s director. On the right, bottom, is the scrub done by Adam and which he is going to bring it to show it to his American grandparents.

A big “Thank you” to Teacher Suriani (left) and Teacher Sharon.

Uncle Hamid and family (wife Aunty Suriani and Nani Nab) visit Adam at Atuk’s home.

After exhausting themselves exercising, muscle-man Uncle Hamid and Adam went to sleep not for 4 hours but 4 seconds.

Adam had also an opportunity to visit the 5-storey Tampines Regional Library in the “Our Tampines Hub”, a 6-storey grand building in the Tampines area. The Hub contains six swimming pools on the top storey of the building, a football field, an Eco-Community Garden, a running track on the 5th storey, and many other recreational and social facilities.

The trip was organised by the Malay Activities Executive Committee (MAEC) of the Siglap Community Centre, whose Chairman, Mr Yacob Hussain, brought along his daughter and 10-year-son, Muhammad Yasir Yuuta, who Adam took a liking for him, calling him “Abang” (Elder brother).

During the talk on children’s books by one of the librarians, Ms Tabitha, Adam participated the most, answering questions posed by her and reacting to her stories.

Visit to the “Our Tampines Hub” with some members of the Briskwalk Gang.

At the Library Talk and the Eco-Community Garden…

After a quick reading the Wresting Tournament guidelines, Adam wrestles with 10-year-old Muhammad Yasir Yuuta, son of Mr Yacob Hussain, Chairman of MAEC Siglap, whose wife is Japanese. The match was a draw, the judges suspected that the older wrestler gave way, and they shook hands and sat at a corner waiting for a sukiyaki lunch.

After the library talk and a guided tour of the various sections of the library and a hearty lunch, MAEC gave each family some gifts for our participation.

Adam also had the opportunity to be invited to the homes of his relatives – Uncle Imran Shaik Kadir and Nani Jaiton Mastan.

At Uncle Imran’s and Aunty Shuhaila’s home, Adam had great fun playing with his cousin, Nur Iffah’s toys.

Nani Jai’s invitation: Adam at Nani Jai’s her husband, Dada Norman’s home, where Grandfather Karim and his wife, Nenek Kamariah, have gathered to welcome Adam.

Adam’s American relatives are eagerly waiting to see him – he will be there for about 1½ months before he returns to Singapore for a week enroute back to Sydney. For now, it’s over to Adam’s grandparents, Fred and Lib; Adam’s aunt, Alson; uncle, Page, and grand-aunt, Judd, to “enjoy” Adam.

(To view photos of the article about Adam’s previous visit to Singapore, go to: )

Shaik Kadir
10 December 2017

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