Beauty and Rationality of Islam

“The Spirit of Islam”, the first article in a series of articles on the “Beauty and Rationality of Islam”, explains the concept of Islam and aims at sharing the information to readers, both Muslims and people of other faiths to appreciate Islam and live as fellow brothers and sisters. What we need in this world is peace and happiness and togetherness. There is no place for hatred of different faiths, racial dominance, vengeance and terrorism.

“The Spirit of Islam” begins with Part 1: Prophets and their missions

This series hopes to provide a foundation for the proper understanding of Islam, especially its concept – that Islam was not introduced or founded by Prophet Muhammad; he was sent only to confirm and complete the “Religion of Truth” whose teachings were taught by numerous prophets before Islam.  Islam is the name given to the “Religion of Truth” when the time came for it to be further expanded and completed.

Shaik Kadir
24 January 2018

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