Adam’s visits Part 2: Adam in Singapore


Adam’s visits

Part 2:  Adam in Singapore

In Charlotte, North Carolina: Lib Dula (Adam’s grandmother), Fred Dula (Adam’s grandfather) and Alson Dula (Adam’s aunt) having some fun time with Adam.

Yes, Adam is here in Singapore, the Lion City. He and his parents came here last Tuesday morning, and, after a week, the family is now all-ready to return to Sydney – late tonight, Tuesday, 13 February – for her mother to get prepared for her PhD graduation which would be held soon.

Four-year-old Adam Rayan Dula is the grandson of American Lib Gray Dula and Fred Dula and Singaporean Khairon Mastan and Shaik Kadir, writer of this article. In mid-December last year, Adam went with his parents Munirah Shaik Kadir and Allen Dula to meet his American relatives after stopping over in Singapore for two weeks.

Adam’s photos in Charlotte, North Carolina, are shown in an article at: )

Adam had a great time in Singapore, the place of his birth. The following photos show Adam’s fun days in the Lion City.

Playing at “Atuk’s” home with Iffah’s toys…

At the nearby playground…

Exploring the neighbourhood…

Neighbourhood walk: Stopping to buy drinks…

Enjoying! Enjoying! Enjoying! And showing off his skills…

“Woh! What’s Adam doing!”, wondered Iffah:  He’s peeping into Iffah’s classroom and found her not in, and looking out of a “hole” and looking at the road scene from the balcony…

Water, waterfalls, leaves and flowers:  A visit to the famous Gardens by the Bay with Aunt Faz and Nani Mah.

“Aunty Suriani (seated in the massage chair) and Uncle Hamid visited me, and then Uncle Hamid gave me a good massage. Wooh! Shioklah! And I almost fell asleep. Service cost $300 but free for me.”

With Uncle Hamid and Aunty Su and Aunty Suhaila Ghaffar at Atuk’s home; and with  Nani Jai and Dadu Norman at Nani Jai’s home.

A train ride from the Tanah Merah MRT Station to the Raffles’ Place MRT Station: “It’s nice to look outside. There are many things to see. The train  even crossed over the Kallang River. Then, the train went underground and I saw nothing.”

Middle photo was taken at the Singapore River. The other two, one was in the lounge of the Clifford Pier Hotel and the other near the Raffles’ MRT Station with Adam posing with a Clementine tree (tree bearing small oranges) which serves as Chinese New Year decoration.

At the scenic Marina Bay: Posing with the Merlion.

Exploring Marina Bay with Daddy…

Exploring the Singapore River with Atuk…

Adam helping to water the plants in “Iffah’s Garden” with a photo showing Iffah spraying her plants before Adam’s visit. The other photos show Adam playing with a stray cat. The top square photo shows Adam playing with the same cat in December last year.

“With my Nani, and with Aunty Shamira and Nani Nab.”

“With Uncle Imran and Aunty Shu and my cousin, Iffah.”

Both Adam and his cousin, Nur Iffah Muhammad Imran, met and played together during their December 2017 meeting and were anxiously waiting to meet again during his visit now.  But, very unfortunately, Iffah, who lives about 5 minutes’ drive away, is not well the whole week; and the cousins were not able to meet at all. The photos above showing the cousins together were taken last December.

Adam: “I love everyone in the SK Family. I love Atuk, Nani, Daddy, Mamma, Uncle Imran, Aunty Shu and my cousin, Iffah. I love them all. I also love my other relatives.”

Well, Adam leaves for Sydney tonight, and “Atuk” (as he calls his Singapore grandfather) and “Nani” (Singapore grandmother) as well as “Uncle Imran”, “Aunty Shu” and Iffah would certainly miss him.

Shaik Kadir

13 February 2018

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