Part 2 Prepare for Ramadhan: Be conscious about the bad habit of smoking and begin to quit it from the start of this fasting month

Part 2

Prepare for Ramadhan: Be conscious about the bad habit of smoking and smokers do get ready to quit it this fasting month


An imaginary conversation between Ibrahim and his friend in their office after the Hari Raya Aidil-Fitri public holiday.

Friend: “Let’s go out for our (smoking) Happiness.”

Ibrahim: “Sorry. I’ve quit smoking.

Friend: “What? Quit smoking? But fasting is over?”

Ibrahim: I quit smoking during Ramadhan. I became aware that Ramadhan is the best time to quit smoking as you don’t smoke in the day because of the total fasting, but smoke only after breaking fast. As you know I used to smoke 12 sticks…

Friend: Wah! And you stopped smoking suddenly?

Ibrahim: “No, no, you can’t stop suddenly. Nobody can. It has to be done gradually. You see, as I just said, I used to smoke about 12 sticks a day before Ramadhan but after breaking fast till about my bed-time I smoked only four sticks – how can you smoke 12 sticks in about hours! It will be disastrous! So, I did it gradually. In the second week of Ramadhan, I smoked only three sticks, then in the third week, I smoked two and in the final week of the fasting month, I smoked only one stick. Then on Hari Raya Aidil-Fitri, I didn’t smoke at all.”

Friend: Wow! What an achievement!”

Ibrahim: “So, now I can proudly tell people who asked me about it that I quit smoking because of Ramadhan.”


Seize the Ramadhan opportunity

Yes, take the opportunity during Ramadan to quit smoking. Be aware that without effort, there is no gain.

The smoking habit is indeed a bad habit as it brings nothing beneficial to the body by way of maintaining or improving good health, instead it brings harm.
The Friday prayer sermon of 11 May 2018 (25 Syaaban 1439H) dwelt on the subject of the bad habit of smoking and urged Muslims to have some will-power to quit smoking this Ramadhan.

With the heading, “Observing Our Physical Health in Preparation for Ramadhan”, the Muis-prepared sermon delivered by the imams (prayer leaders) of all Singapore mosques, asks: “Have we ever taken notice of the things that can possibly harm our health and body?”

This question was surfaced because Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had said: “One should not harm one’s self and one cannot harm others in Islam.”

Harm of smoking

This advice can also refer to the bad habit of smoking – smoking harms the smoker himself and the smoke harms others around him.
The sermon asks the people in the congregation: “What are the consequences of smoking on our health and finances?”

The sermon mentions about the money wasted on purchasing cigarettes, thus: “Did you know that a smoker spends about $395 every month if he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day? That would then total up to $4,740 a year.”

Smokers who are Muslims: Heed the numerous warnings and advices given for smoking on the cigarette boxes and other articles and quit smoking as from this Ramadhan.   

About the harm a smoke inflicts on his health, the sermon emphasises: “This (the money spent in purchasing cigarettes) is not inclusive of the costs that he has to bear for the treatment of health complications which arise due to smoking, such as lung cancer and other diseases.”

The sermon further advises: “One of the best times for us to improve the quality of our life is during Ramadan itself, when we train ourselves to abstain from eating, drinking, and other things that can nullify our fast. May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, or Glory to Him, the Exalted) grant us the strength to curb our bad habits.
“There are many initiatives that we can consider if we intend to quit smoking. One of these is the “28-Day Countdown Programme” initiative organised by the Health Promotion Board.”

Previous articles 

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In Islam, “Faith (iman), that is believing in God”, and “action (ibadah), that is carrying out God’s Guidance” go together hand in hand, Hence, each person is given the opportunity to reap the rewards of Ramadhan by carrying our God’s Guidance as much as he or she possibly can through his or her own effort. A person making an effort to quit smoking and quitting it within Ramadhan will indeed earn great Ramadhan reward.

(“Part 1: Prepare for Ramadhan” appeared three days ago, on 9 May 2018)

Shaik Kadir
12 May 2018

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