SIGA 2018: An assembly of wisdom, contribution, togetherness and fun

Part 1

SIGA 2018:  An assembly of wisdom, contribution, togetherness and fun

Forty-nine Singaporeans went to Bandung, Indonesia, in April looking for Singapore’s favourite food – Mee Bandung, Rojak Bandung and Air Bandung but found none of these there, instead they found SIGA Bandung and enjoyed it.

SIGA or SSEAYP International General Assembly 2018 was held in Bandung, the capital city of West Java Province.For three days from 20 to 22 April 2018, the Singaporean delegates as well as delegates from the other Asean nations and Japan spent a profitable time involving themselves in social and economic projects in Bandung, Indonesia’s centre for learning and creativity.

The sights and sounds of Bandung and the friendship attained with the Asean and Japanese participants while learning and contributing together gave the participants a great occasion to remember SIGA Bandung.

The enchanting sights and sounds of Bandung…

This year’s assembly, the 30th, carries the theme “In the spirit of art, heritage and youthpreneurship”. The theme offered lively panel and group discussions as well as activities on the three aspects of the theme – art, heritage and youthpreneurship.

The annual SSEAYP International General Assembly (SIGA) in the last two years were held in Cambodia (SIGA 2016) and in the Philippines (SIGA 2017). Next year it will be held in Brunei Darussalam

This is my third participation in SIGA though my wife and I have been annually hosting the participants of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) for over 20 years since 1989.

Remembering SSEAYP

At SIGA Bandung, my wife and I were happy to have met one of the Participating Youths who stayed in our home for the 2N3D homestay programme of SSEAYP 1992. She is the official photographer of SSEAYP International Indonesia, Ms Yulia Indahri (see the photos below), who was equally elated to see us. We briefly talked of our old days during SSEAYP 1992, even mentioning the other Participating Youth who stayed with us, Ms Hairos Nor Hairos C. Mat from Malaysia, who is always in contact with us via Facebook.

My wife, Khairon Mastan, and I are happy to meet our homestay foster daughter Yulia Indahri at SIGA Bandung: Yulia is the lady between my wife and I (in the main photo) at the SIGA site. The other person is Ms Nor Hairos C. Mat from Malaysia who both stayed with us during the SSEAYP homestay in 1982.

The following photos provide a glimpse of the activities, togetherness and the fun we had in SIGA Bandung:

Discovering Bandung City: Special buses took us to various places during the Bandung City tour.

Official speeches and presentations

Speeches and presentations were held in this hall, the ballroom of the el Royale Panghegar Hotel where the SIGA delegates stayed for three nights.

The attentive SIGA participants during a speech delivery.

Country leaders and SSEAYP Alumni officials together with representatives of Indonesia and Japan during the opening ceremony of SIGA 2018.

Participants, divided into groups, deliberating on the topics given to them.

Groups coming up with suggestions and solutions.

Panel discussion on the theme of SIGA 2018: “Spirit of Art, Heritage, and Youthpreneurship”.

A country-report presentation by Mr Khairul Ariffin from Brunei Darussalam.


Khairul Ariffin from Brunei Darussalam.

‟Attending SIGA 2018 in Bandung was my fifth SIGA experience, and I have learned much from them. SIGA Bandung was especially memorable to me.

The activities lined up for the SIGA participants educated me in terms of social contribution. In SIGA Bandung, I learned skills like making cookies and playing the angklung. Any new knowledge or skill learned is an achievement for you.

My contribution to the local community through SIGA’s activities is actually giving something back to the society and I am happy about it. It is small to me but big to the community.

During SIGA, I met many former Participating Youths, National Leaders, facilitators and foster families. Talking to them has made me expand my circle of friends, bringing lots of benefits socially.

To be with people who have the same interest as you is a great feeling. Connecting with people other than from your countrymen will make us appreciate what the world has in store for us to explore and experience.

My experiences in all the five SIGA assemblies will definitely help me in organising SIGA Brunei next year.”

– Khairul Ariffin, Assistant Director, Public Relations, Resource and Volunteers Section, Community Development Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Brunei Darussalam, is the Vice President of SSEAYP International Brunei Darussalam. He was in the Brunei Participating Youth (BPY) 2008 (cum Youth Leader) and On-Board Ship Conference (OBSC) 2017.


Photos for remembrance is always cherished.  Top photo:  On the right of the Singapore contingent leader Yacob Hussain (in red shirt) is Ms Pia Adiprima, President of SSEAYP International Indonesia.

Some of the Singapore delegates met up with Mr Abdul Halim Kader, President of the Singapore Sepaktakraw Federation (PERSES) who was present for a meeting.

Making cookies at Bakery Academy

Youthpreneurship Activities: One of the groups went to the Bakery Academy in Baker Street to make cookies. The other groups went to several places for their workshops, like Rumah Batik Komar and Brotherwood Bandung Creative Hub.

Chefs at work: The delegates in the group are actively indulging in making cookies right from the start – mixing the flour and putting what they had prepared into the baking oven.

Hard work and happiness go together…

The hardworking “trainees” eventually “graduated as chefs” and were happy to see their fruit of labour when everyone gets boxes of the cookies to take home.

At the hotel lobby

At the hotel lobby…waiting to go for an outside activity.

Part 2 of the article on SIGA 2018 Bandung will be published soon in this blog. Look out for it.

Now that this is the month of Ramadan when Muslims throughout the world fast, may I wish all Muslim readers of this article Ramadan Kareem and may you receive the blessings of Allah for the heightened worship, charity and righteousness you do in this holy month.

 Shaik Kadir
19 May 2018

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