Kashmir Gang meets regularly after success of Mission Kashmir

 Kashmir Gang meets regularly after success of Mission Kashmir

Recently the Kashmir Gang met again, this time at Mr Ahmad’s home in Woodlands for a Hari Raya gathering as well as to discuss the Gang’s next mission.

At Ahmad’s home: The four couples take turns to gather at the home of one of the couple for each Hari Raya and discuss their next mission location. Sitting from left are Shaik Kadir and his wife, Khairon; Latiffah and her husband, Noor Mohamed; and Masod and his wife, Aminah. The hosts (standing) are Ahmad and his wife, Radiah.

After a hearty briyani lunch and tempting sugi dessert prepared by Ahmad’s wife, the Gang comprising four couples then relaxed themselves with teh tarik to discuss where to go next. After toying with some suggestions, the country agreed was India again but this time to Hyderabad where its briyani is world-famous.

One may ask, first of all, why these four couples call themselves the “Kashmir Gang”.

The couples, who have performed the Haj, are Ahmad Fraij and his wife Radiah; Noor Mohamed Shaik Hussain and his wife, Latiffah Abdul Majid; Masod Ros Majid and his wife, Aminah Markam; and Shaik Kadir Shaik Maideen and his wife, Khairon Mastan.

These eight people who separately registered for a tour of North India (Kashmir, Delhi & Agra) met at the Changi Airport on the day of the departure on 5 December 2009 and found themselves among the only four couples going for the trip.

North India tour: At the famous ski resort, Gulmarg, Kashmir. At extreme left is our Kashmir guide, and second from right is Shaik Kadir’s daughter, Munirah, who joined her parents for the tour. 

In Agra, India, with the calm and enchanting Taj Mahal in the background before the Gang entered the monument to view its interior.  Taj Mahal was built by the  Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as an emblem to his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. (The lady on the extreme left is our Agra-New Delhi guide while the lady second from right is Shaik Kadir’s daughter who came for the tour.)

The four couples had a wonderful and enjoyable time together, and became fast friends.  Henceforth, they took turns to gather at the home of one of the couple for each Hari Raya and discuss the suggestions for their next tour.

Last year the Gang met at Masod’s home and the previous year at Shaik Kadir’s home and next year it would be at Noor Mohamed’s home, insya-Allah.

Since 2009 the Gang had gone to: Sri Lanka, South Korea, Vietnam (Hanoi), Europe (a number of countries including Italy, France and England) and Spain & Morocco, the last being in December last year.

Shaik Kadir’s article in Berita Harian (8 April 2016): ” ‘Kashmir Gang’ meets in Hanoi”. The red pen marking in the second column shows the comments of Shaik Farouk, Ahmad’s son, rendered in English in this blog article.

Shaikh Farouk, Ahmad’s son, who was present at our 8 July 2018 Hari Raya gathering, believes that friendship is important for the well-being of a person. In my article in the Malay national newspaper Berita Harian of 8 April of 2016, he said: “It is clear that all people love to have close friends, especially when they are abroad. My parents are lucky to have met with three other couples during their visit to Kashmir a few years ago who share similar interest – travelling.

Shaikh Farouk Ahmad: “The name ‘Kashmir Gang’ is really creative.”

“Travelling fosters friendship among them, and they became close friends and frequently contacted each other by phone or via Facebook,” Farouk said.

The Kashmir Gang too felt that friendship ought to be lasting:

  • Ahmad: “We are helpful, and easy-going and very concerned about each other in the Gang. This is important in maintaining friendship for long.”
  • Khairon: “We talk and laugh aloud. We connect very well. We understand each other’s feelings and we tolerate each other. There is chemistry in us.” 
  • Noor Mohamed: “We feel good when we are in each other’s company. We talk about anything under the sun. We joke and we share our thoughts.”
  • Aminah: “We have been enjoying the most beautiful and true friendship since 2009. We are happy when we are together. This is important in friendship.”

In the Berita Harian article Farouk was reported to have added: “The name ‘Kashmir Gang’ is really creative. I also like to listen when members of this Gang talk. It’s full of fun and laughter. They will talk happily for hours. Only close friends talk like that.”

Shaik Kadir
11 July 2018

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