Touring Bandung with Iffah, meeting Adam in Sydney

Touring Bandung with Iffah,
meeting Adam in Sydney

In December last year (2018), my wife and I had the opportunity to be in two cities – with Iffah in Bandung and Adam in Sydney.

Adam (in Sydney) and Iffah in December 2018 and both together in Singapore in December 2017 (middle photo).

Adam Rayan Dula and Nur Iffah Binti Muhammad Imran are my two grandchildren – 5-year-old Adam is the son of my daughter, and 4-year-old Iffah is the daughter of my son.

We went to Bandung for a short holiday with Iffah and her parents and relatives, an 11-member group, termed “Keluarga” (Family). The group, in the 6-day Bandung trip from 10 December, included three children, the other two being Iffah’s older cousins.

A day later after we returned from Bandung, my wife and I left on 17 December for Sydney for a 12-day holiday to be with Adam and his parents who are staying there as my daughter is working as a science education researcher in a university, the same university where she graduated with a PhD (in Physics education).

A few days before 17 December, my nephew, his wife and his mother had flown in to Sydney to meet Adam. My wife and I couldn’t go together with them as we were in Bandung at that time. They returned to Singapore on Christmas day but we stayed on for a few more days.

As a photo is worth a thousand words, the following photos presented in slides provide a good image of our holiday with Iffah and Adam.

In Bandung with Iffah

The 11-member “Family” at Patenggang Lake in Bandung:  From left, Iffah and her parents, Shuhaila and Imran; Iffah’s cousins, Bill Haque and Arinal (in red headscarf) and their parents, Rashima and Zuhal; Iffah’s paternal grandparents, Shaik Kadir (Atuk) and Khairon (Nani); and Iffah’s maternal grandparents, Salama (Nenek) and Sidik (Atuk).

After touch-down from the Silkair aircraft in Bandung, Iffah’s fun began.

Iffah at a deer farm:  Iffah enjoys feeding the deer with vegetables bought at the farm.

Iffah even ventured into the farmland and, although she was carried, felt uneasy when a deer came too close to her “asking” for food.

At “Fairy Garden”, a kids’ wonderland.

More excitement at the Fairy Garden…

Iffah’s fascination is boundless…

A group photo with some of the characters of “Fairy Garden”.

By a crater lake at Kawah Putih (White Crater)…

Wooooo…it’s so scary:  Iffah in the world of ghouls and ghosts.

Eh, Iffah and her grandmother (Nani Khairon) went to the Netherlands? No, she and the “Family” are still in Bandung – at the Dutch Village in “Farmhouse Bandung”…

….and ”turning” themselves (Nani Khairon, Cik Nur, Iffah and Mammy) into Dutch ladies.

Dutch Village facination.

At the Saung Angklung Udjo to watch the angklung (Indonesian musical bamboo instrument) performance. Then, at the end of the performance, the angklung dancers, mostly children, hastened in all directions of the gallery to get members of the audience to dance with them as a grand finale of the angklung performance. A cute little girl, about 3-years old, climbed up all the way to the top-most level of the gallery and came up to me. I was unable to say “no” to this angel and I held her hand and we went down to the dance floor and did a mass dance to the enticing sound of the angklung music.

Iffah looks sad; probably she thinks we are going to leave Surabaya by taking a hot-air balloon to Singapore. No! No! We can’t ride on a balloon to Singapore, and Iffah looked cheery after the assurance. 

This place in Maribaya, called The Lodge Maribaya, is an “Escape to Nature” adventure park.

With our driver (white tee-shirt) and guide (black tee-shirt) with Zuhal, our tour organiser.

Iffah’s maternal grandmother, Salama (yellow headscarf), and paternal grandmother, Khairon (green headscarf), had a nice time together.

Iffah’s maternal grandfather, Sidik (yellow shirt), and paternal grandfather, Shaik Kadir, are always game for  family tours together, the last being to Krabi, Thailand.

Yes, we did visit many interesting places in Bandung and enjoyed every one of them.

Iffah’s Bandung expressions…

In Sydney with Adam

That’s Adam who is as always  active as Iffah, his cousin.

The 8-member Family under and near the Sydney Harbour Bridge:  (From left, Allen Munirah and their son, Adam; Khairon, me, Hamid’s mother, Zainab; Hamid (yellow tee-shirt, and writer’s nephew who is Munirah’s cousin) and Hamid’s wife, Suriani.

The Family at the Blue Mountains and at the Werrington (train) Station (small photo).

At the “Anna Bay at Port Stephens”:  Adam loves the beach, so we took him to two beaches, to this lovely Anna Bay Beach and Bondi Beach.

Sand dunes?  What’s this photo taken in the Arabian desert doing here? Wrong photo? No, it’s correct photo. It’s in Australia, in Anna Bay near Anna Bay Beach.

At the iconic Sydney Opera House area:  Adam was attracted to the “Disney Mary Poppins Returns” exhibition bus and boarded it.

Photo-shoot inside the “Disney Mary Poppins Returns” exhibition bus.

Resting and strolling in “The Rocks” area.

Under and near the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Halal:  Nowadays it’s easy to get halal meat (beef, mutton and chicken) in Australia.

Briyani and kebabs:  There are many Muslim eateries and restaurants where one can buy or eat briyani and kebabs.

“Blacktown Thai” (in Blacktown) is a Malay-owned restaurant where we ordered green-curry, tom-yam and other cuisines.  Seated on my right is Ms Nurli (black headscarf) who is my daughter’s friend.  She and her husband, Mr Rizam (not present), own the restaurant. The food was so good and delicious that, in appreciation, I took a photo with the chef and co-owner of the restaurant, Mr Hidayat (stripped apron).

At the Irukandji Shark and Ray Centre.

At the home of Mr Bakar (black tee-shirt) and his wife, Ms Mazlifa (pink apron):  We were welcomed with a barbeque lunch.

Adam even found a new companion – the hosts’ son, Abang Zac (Brother Zakaria).

At the Werrington Lake Park (which is just 5 mins drive away from Adam’s home):  Adam loves feeding the ducks and swans at the lake.

Blue Mountains:  A range of three rocks, named the “Three Sisters”, is the main attraction of this mountainous region called the “Blue Mountains”.

Blue Mountains:  After a little rest, the team took steep pathways down this mountainous region to view a long and narrow waterfall exactly opposite it. (See the waterfall in the extreme right photo.)

Pre-kindergarten graduation ceremony (held in December 2018) for entry into Kindergarten in 2019 :  Adam and the other children excited to have received their pre-kindergarten certificates.

Pre-kindergarten graduation ceremony held in December 2018:  Adam is looking forward to attend kindergarten classes this year (2019) in February.

Moments with Adam…

Adam’s expressions during our stay in Sydney…

At the Sydney Airport:  I (Atuk) and Khairon (Nani) leaving for Singapore – a sad moment for Adam…and for the grandparents, too.

Adam and Iffah in Singapore

In September last year (2018) when Adam and his family came to Singapore to attend Munirah’s niece’s wedding, Adam and Iffah had the opportunity to have some nice time together.

September 2018:  Adam’s mother, Munirah and her family were in Singapore in September for three weeks last year, and Iffah’s parents, Shuhaila and Imran, gave Munirah a surprise – they brought a cake to our home.  It read: “Happy 41st birthday and congrats Dr Munirah”. (Munirah’s birthday was in September and she graduated with a PhD four months earlier, in May 2018.)

In September 2018:  Adam and Iffah having fun together.

Hopefully this year, these two close cousins, who are about one year apart, would have a nice time together again.

Shaik Kadir
19 January 2019

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