Workshops together with M3 – Interesting, informative and insightful

Workshops together with M3
Interesting, informative and insightful

During a talk on halal food in a “Workshops together with M3” (or in Malay, “Bengkel bersama M3”) event at Masjid Al-Taqua on Saturday, 30 March (2019), the speaker delved on what is halal food and why it is important to Muslims.

The talk on halal food comes under the Dietary Understanding and Restrictions workshop, which is one of the four workshops in the “Workshops together with M3” event organised by the Malay Activities Executive Committee (MAEC) of Siglap Community Centre and supported by Mesra, Mendaki and MUIS (with the 3M elegantly branded as M3).

One of the banners of that gives basic information about the “Workshops together with M3” event held at the Taqua Mosque on 30 March 2019.

The Dietary Understanding and Restrictions talk, presented by three speakers, shared food information from the perspectives of three religions – Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam – aimed at fostering racial harmony and cohesion in Singapore’s multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious society.

The speakers, Venerable Shi You Guang and Mr Shukul Raaj Kumar, talked on vegetarian food from the Buddhist and Hindu perspectives respectively, while Mr Shaik Kadir talked on halal food.

“Vegetarian and halal food” presentation for grassroots leaders:  The first speaker, Venerable Shi You Guang explaining vegetarian food from the Buddhist perspective.

“Vegetarian and halal food” presentation for grassroots leaders:  The second speaker, Mr Shukul Raaj Kumar explaining vegetarian food from the Hindu perspective.

“Vegetarian and halal food” presentation for grassroots leaders:  The third speaker, Mr Shaik Kadir talking about Muslim food, known as halal food.

The “Halal food” speaker drew his presentation information from two of his several books on Islam:  “The Splendours of Islam – Answers to more than 100 common questions about Islam”, published by The Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore (or Darul Arqam Singapore); and “Islam Explained – Essential reading for anyone who wants to know about Islam”, published by Marshall Cavendish (Asia).

Question & Answer time:  A number of questions were asked and each speaker answered the questions directed to him. (Two questions were asked about halal food, one in during the Q & A time and other after the Q & A session, and the answers would be presented in the next article exclusively on halal food in this blog.)

The other talks in the “Workshops together with M3” event were on exam motivation and preparation, breast cancer and dental health.

Some of the guests, including children, at the event.

Some 100 residents, parents, students and grassroot leaders of the Siglap Constituency attended the event.  The Guest-of-Honour and advisor of the event was Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mayor of South East District.

Time for a quick photo with the Guest-of-Honour Muhamad Maliki Osman. In his address, Dr Maliki highlighted the importance to continue strengthening the social cohesion of all Singaporeans.  He encouraged the staging of more of such events with religious organisations, such as the mosque, to continue connecting with people of all races and religions in Singapore.

Token of appreciation for the presenters at the Dietary Understanding and Restrictions workshop:  From the left photo, Venerable You Guang, Mr Shukul Raaj Kumar and Mr Shaik Kadir.

Token of appreciation for the presenters at workshops on preparing for exams, breast cancer prevention and dental care:  From the left photo, Dr Nurhidayati Muhamed Suphan (Understanding breast cancer), Dr Ma Han Ni Tun (Importance of dental care) and Dr Noradlin Yusof (Motivating students and parents in exam preparation).

Muhamad Ansar from Mendaki, left, who talked on “Getting ready for PSLE”, had to leave before the appreciation token presentation by Dr Maliki, and so his token, like that shown in the other photo for Mr Kadir, was presented to him by an MAEC office-bearer, Mr Mohamad Jeffery Low, at the workshop hall itself.

Mr Yacob Hussain, Chairman of the MAEC of Siglap Community Centre, said that the objectives of the event to provide relevant information for educational development and social awareness, and getting the residents come closer together have been achieved.

“Malay parents and students, and other residents as well as the grassroots leaders have benefitted much from the respective workshops they attended,” he said.

He added: “The event was well-received, and there was great interaction. For instance, the information the grassroots leaders received from the dietary understanding requirements talk, especially on halal food, was a good take away.”

A group photo for memory of an interesting, informative and insightful (I3) event…

It would be good for the Siglap Community Centre’s MAEC with the support of M3 and others to organise more such events, and to include inter-faith sharing talks on Singapore’s major festivals and celebrations such as Hari Raya Aidil Fitri & Hari Raya Aidil Adha, Deepavali, Christmas and Chinese New Year for our common good and deeper understanding of these yearly celebrations.

Singaporeans value mutual respect and sensitivity.  Let us uphold such values by further sharing the knowledge of our cultures and religious practices to further understand and enhance the racial and religious harmony that we have been enjoying.

Shaik Kadir
4 April 2019 

PS:  The next article will be exclusively on halal food as this is an important topic on Dietary Understanding and Restrictions from the Islamic perspective which would be good for sharing, especially with non-Muslim Singaporeans, as we often eat together at Muslim wedding invitations and at social and office celebrations.

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