Part 2 A peek at the SSEAYP homestay book

Part 2

A peek at the SSEAYP homestay book


You would have read “Part 1:  Wah!  This year’s SSEAYP PYs will get a homestay book memento!” published in my blog on 8 September (2019).  Here’s part 2.

The SSEAYP homestay book is in the final proof-reading stage.  However, here are some glimpses of the book.

Some images of the book contents

The title on the front cover and a sample chapter, “Relationship with foster parents.

A sample of the front and back pages of a chapter divider.

Local flavour

During homestay: “It’s a nice experience to wear Malay dress,” they would usually say.

Photos of some PYs over the years

Who wrote or said these?

(1)  Thrill for a young teen

“I was 12 at that time. As I have always wanted an older sister, I was thrilled. We ate my mother’s home-cooked food together with my foster sisters. Then, we spent the next two days exploring Singapore with my parents…”

(2)  A friendship poem

“It’s not a common ocean liner but an extraordinary ship
It is not a ship that gives extra leisure but extra friendship
Nippon Maru is the ship with a package that builds leadership
Whilst sailing across cultures and beliefs enhancing relationship
Working together with SSEAYP and SIGA for better partnership
And stopping in Singapore to provide PYs with adventureship
As well as staying with Singaporeans to foster close kinship
With this I hope this book would attract a wide readership.”

(3)  He met the author 8 years ago

“I first met Shaik Kadir at the Singapore Memory Project’s “When Nations Remember II” conference on 29 November, 2011.  He shared his personal stories from his book “A kite in the evening sky” about growing up in Geylang Serai while I spoke about my memories of the Bukit Ho Swee fire in 1961 to a full-house attendance at the Singapore Civilisations Museum, Empress Place….(The book) would also help to promote goodwill, peace and harmony across Southeast Asia and indeed the world.”

The ship that spreads friendship is scheduled to be out in mid-November when the SSEAYP PYs arrive in Singapore.  PYs and others associated with SSEAYP will get a copy.

Shaik Kadir
7 October 2019

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